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Name: Hyacinthus, often adapted to Hyacinth(e)
Canon: Classical literature/mythology (for something different, click here for an audio dramatization)
Played By: Jeremy DuFour (source is Hollow Art

Hyacinthus was a youth of great beauty and athletic prowess, a prince of the proud and mighty nation-state of Sparta. He won many suitors in his life. Some say Thamyris, a Thracian poet and musician loved him first. Thamyris was the first to ever love another male, and his love for Hyacinthus is therefore the wellspring of all love that is customarily exchanged between men in Greece, particularly in the Spartan regions where Hyacinth is worshipped.

The most well-known and tragic story of Hyacinthus tells of how he came to be loved by both Apollo, the god of the sun, and by Zephyr the young and brash god of the West Wind. Often while Apollo left his lover unattended to oversee one of his many duties as a god of so many aspects, Zephyr would steal Hyacinth away

His lovers, bored of their own quarreling and each assured of his own success, gave Hyacinth the choice between the two of them, proposing a contest of sorts for his affections. Zephyr made a great show of his power, knocking over trees and blowing dust all about. Apollo produced a shining arrow which he shot into the air and in its wake were remnants of songs and pleasure which stole Hyacinthe's attention and with it, the youth's heart. He chose Apollo to be his lover.

As was accustomed, Apollo was Hyacinth’s mentor and friend, as well as the one who took the youth in his arms and into his bed. He taught Hyacinth poetry and how to play the lyre. But the joy the two most often shared was a game of throwing the discus back and forth, running themselves to exhaustion, naked and sun-baked upon the plains below Olympus.

It was on one such occasion that Hyacinth’s tale turns sorrowful. Apollo had made an especially fine throw and Hyacinth raced to catch the discus before it fell, eager to impress his divine lover with his skill. Zephyr, who watched in jealousy, seized his chance. He blew the discus off course and Hyacinth failed to catch it and it struck the youth a fatal blow. Even Apollo could not help him, or else did not reach him in time, for the boy died in his arms. So great was Apollo’s sorrow and his love that he could not give Hyacinth up to Hades but instead turned the boy into a flower, white with the centers stained dark with the boy’s blood, so named the Hyacinthe.

As a deity whose cults are practiced primarily in Sparta, Hyacinth oversees the festival which bears his name, the Hyacinthia, which honors Apollo but which also sets aside a day for mourning the divine hero as well as a day for celebrating his rebirth.

Being a minor god symbolizing rebirth (and love between men), Hyacinthe has been reincarnated several times. He has not merely lived since his own time, but lived and died again and again and again after his initial murder at the hands of Zephyrus.
At present he is living as Hyacinth Virag, a 21 year old university student who works various part-time jobs (most frequently checking IDs at the university gym) and was semi-passionately pursing various track-and-field disciplines. Unsurprisingly, his top events were javelin and—with some measure of cruel irony, the discus.
In a similarly cruel twist of fate, he was hit by one of the discus on the practice field when he was 19 and badly injured. However, history did not repeat itself, thanks to modern medicine. The blow to his temporal lobe, however, did some lasting damage. He has some memory trouble, spatial perception issues and when he is particularly exhausted, may mix up words. He is distraction-prone and sometimes falls into episodes of depression or irritability. He bears a scar from the accident across his brow, reminiscent of the wound struck by his old lover.
That said, he is lively young man with a passion for music and sports and starts each and every day watching the sunrise.

He does remember what happened to him during his life as a mortal, and he has vague memories of his death, though because of either genuine lack of memory or because of a strong sense of denial, he refuses to acknowledge Zepyhrus as his murderer.

Injury: Go for it. While god-modding is of course considered rude, I happily roll with the punches.
Death: Negotiable, PM me.
Sexuality and smut policy: Bisexual, but most sexually familiar and comfortable with men. Open for smut, PM or tag in the proper comm.

Disclaimer:  **Both muse and typist are over 18**Journal and associated content are for frivolity only. I have no claim to Jeremy DuFour, the PB associated with this account.** Journal and associated content are for creative (RP) purposes only and no profit is being made.**


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