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Disclaimer: I claim no ownership of the contents of this post. They are all various (usually antique) poems, paintings and statuary. As I am a master of none of these things, nor am I immortal, I obviously do not own them.


by Olive Custance
(Lady Alfred Douglas, the wife of Lord Alfred Douglas, the ex-lover of Oscar Wilde) 

Fair boy, how gay the morning must have seemed
Before the fatal game that murdered thee!
Of such a dawn my wistful heart has dreamed:
Surely I too have lived in Arcady
When Spring, lap-full of roses, ran to meet
While Aphrodite risen from the sea...

Perchance I saw thee then, so glad and fleet,
Hasten to greet Apollo, stoop to bind
The gold and jewelled sandals on his feet,
While he so radiant, so divinely kind,
Lured thee with honeyed words to be his friend,
All heedless of thy fate, for Love is blind.

For Love is blind and cruel, and the end
Of every joy is sorrow and distress.
And when immortal creatures lightly bend
To kiss the lips of simple loveliness,
Swords are unsheathed in silence, and clouds rise,
Some God is jealous of the mute caress...

But who shall mourn thy death - ah, not the wise?
Better to perish in thy happiest hour,
To close in sight of beauty thy dark eyes,
And, dying so, be changed into a flower,
Than that the stealthy and relentless years
Should steal that grave which was thy only dower.

And bring thee in return dull cares and tears,
And difficult day and sickness and despair...
Oh, not for thee the griefs and sordid fears
That, like a burden, trembling age must bear;
Slain in thy youth, by the sweet hands of love,
Thou shalt remain for ever young and fair.


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